Steel-Concrete Composite Column Database

This page describes a database of experimental tests on circular and rectangular concrete-filled steel tube and steel-reinforced concrete beams, columns, and beam-columns. The database is primarily intended to be used in the validation of analytical models and design procedures. The database was created and is maintained by Mark Denavit's research group at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with significant contributions by Morgan Jenkins. The database and associated MATLAB files are available for download at github (browse - download zip). Please contact Mark Denavit with any comments, corrections, additions, suggestions, or if you are interested in the original reports.


The data is separated based on cross section type:

and member type:

To be included in the database, each specimen must 1) have obtained member strength in a physical experiment; 2) be described in a published work (preferably a peer-reviewed journal publication); and 3) be capable of being accurately described by the fields in this database. The following were excluded:

The current count of specimens in the database is:

Category Count
807 specimens
644 specimens
151 specimens
26 specimens
24 specimens
64 specimens
69 specimens
Total 1785 specimens


General Information

Section Data

Section Data Specific to CCFT Members

Section Data Specific to RCFT Members

Section Data Specific to SRC Members

Member Data

Member Data Specific to Columns and Proportionally-Loaded Beam-Columns (C+PBC)

Member Data Specific to Beams

Member Data Specific to Other

Specimen Notes

Prior to 1990




Other Databases

Many other researchers have compiled databases of experimental work on steel-concrete composite columns. Selected references to these other databases are listed below.