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SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool

SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool

The SJI Roof Bay Analysis Tool is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that assists structural engineers with selecting optimal bay sizes and framing options for open web steel joist roofs. As part of a project funded by the Steel Joist Institute, I added ponding analysis capabilities to Version 3.0 of the tool. The nonlinear analysis capabilities written in a VBA macro, which directly compute the loads based on the deformed shape of the roof, provide the first widely accessible implementation of the direct analysis method for ponding. Download the tool for free on the SJI website.


OpenSees is a powerful simulation framework that I use extensively in my research. As part of my doctoral research, I developed tools for the analysis of steel-concrete composite structures. These include a mixed beam element formulation, uniaxial steel and concrete materials, and functions to define fiber cross sections. View the source code for the elements and materials, cross section functions, and examples on GitHub.

I also developed portalFrame2d, winner of the OpenSees Challenge for best new OpenSees powered tool on NEEShub, 2013. This tool illustrates the differences between basic analysis types. By examining the global behavior of a relatively simple one-story one-bay moment frame, users can familiarize themselves with the differences between elastic and inelastic analyses and first-order and second-order analyses. Additional comparisons can be made to explore the effects of geometric and material properties, relative magnitude of lateral loading, and finite element discretization.